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Don’t Make These Common Photography Mistakes

There could be many reasons your photographs may be missing the mark in your mind. And it matters not whether you are photographing for fun or profit, if your photo misses the mark then that creates dissatisfaction and that is ok as long as you strive for a solution because that is how you learn!

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How to Photograph Adventure Selfies

Have you ever thought about photographing adventure selfies for stock photography? We all know what a selfie is. It might be the most used technique out there today where people share where they are while smiling at the camera.

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What’s your opinion of these two photos?

I have a question for you: Of the two photos in this photo collage, which do you think looks better?

If you said the right one I would agree with you and in fact, that is the photo I worked harder on so it would look better.

Now, can you tell how I did that? Well, it is not processing it is instead lighting.

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Real Estate Photography: How to Retouch a Bounce Flash Hot Spot

FREE VIDEO: Real estate photographers often have to work fast to stay profitable and one technique for lighting residential interiors is to bounce flash off the ceiling. This approach to brightening a room often works quite well but if the room has too much depth it may require the flash to be inside the room for the bounce, and that means you see the photographer and you have a ceiling hot spot. This video shows you how to retouch that hot spot.

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