The Art of Professional Photography

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Welcome to The Art of Professional Photography course. This is the only photography course you need to become a professional photographer. With many of our being best-sellers, this course is designed for YOU to become a better photographer and create amazing images. While this course has something for every photographer, it’s important to know that no experience is required!

This course contains over 400 videos totaling over 50+ hours of video training. This course will teach you the art and technique of photographing a wide range of subjects including landscapes, adventure, people, architecture, products, businesses, and more. It must be the most comprehensive photography course on the web, and you will have all the tools you need to start a photography business if you wish, learn how to process in Lightroom and Photoshop, and ways to dig into your creative mind and build images that WOW people and clients.

Master the art of photography starting TODAY!

We know there are photography courses everywhere, but none like this one with such in-depth tutorials on subjects that many photography educators don’t understand. If your desire is to start a photography business or simply enjoy photography, this course is loaded with insight from a photographer who has worked in the profession for 35+ years.

In cases where the photo shoots couldn’t be filmed, we illustrated them with 3D lighting diagrams, so you know exactly what light was used, where it was positioned, and the lighting effect that was created

In this course you will learn: 

•        To master your camera, lenses, and accessories

•        Master photography fundamentals: shutter speed, aperture, ISO, menus, and more

•        Master creative strobe lighting for all your subjects

•        How to photograph portraits, places, architecture, corporations, products, and more

•        Learn to be an expert on lighting with wireless flash

•        The steps required to set up your business if that is your plan

•        How to be a creative and in-demand photographer

Learn about clients, portfolios, marketing, and making money such as:

•        Finding clients

•        Planning and building an awesome portfolio and website

•        Successfully marketing your business

•        Learn to master self-promotion

•        The fundamentals of pricing for profit

•        Where and how to market and sell your photography


This is the total package of online training for professional photography! 

This photography course has all the tools you need to meet the demands photographers experience every day. But what makes this program uniquely different is that many of the photo examples used in the course are from real photoshoots, on real assignments, and photographed for real clients.   If the image was not shot for a client, it was shot for ourselves so you can see exactly how it was done.

This course covers everything a passionate photographer might want to photograph: 

•        Nature, Landscapes, Night Sky, & Long Exposure

•        Portraiture: Studio and Location

•        Products: Studio and Location

•        Architecture and Real Estate

•        Corporate

•        Advertising

•        Fashion and Beauty

•        Travel and Adventure

•        Lifestyle

•        Editorial

•        Stock

•        Lightroom and Photoshop

Improve your photography skills today and be in demand tomorrow!

This Art of Professional Photography course was created as an in-depth, accelerated, and intensive program to meet the needs of aspiring photographers who wish to work in photography. It is a demanding business, requiring a precise set of skills and knowledge of creative and technical processes, and is designed to take photographers of all skill levels from novices to pros with an inspiring portfolio of images. Think about this: this course could save you thousands and thousands of dollars on tuition when compared to photography college.

You will learn how to start a photography business (if you want) and nurture your passion for image-making.

While we make it clear that you do not have to start a business to benefit from this course, if your plan is a photography business, this course shows you how to budget for your studio, create marketing materials, design a portfolio, determine your photography rates, bid on jobs, price stock photography, find clients, seek a stock photo agency, and a lot more.  By the end of this course, you will be trained and have learned enough to go out and compete as a photographer.

You will be trained to build a portfolio website of amazing images and live the dream you have been imagining.

Are there course requirements? Yes, a camera! You can get started learning with just a DSLR camera, but a tripod, a few lights, and passion will get you started. Simply watch the intro video for examples of what is covered.

Sign up today and enjoy instant access to:

•        over 400 videos

•        Section assignments

•        Downloadable cheat sheets

•        and you can expect many more video updates on cool and interesting techniques.

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1/23 7-new videos on photographing a liqueur bottle and composting it into an ad layout.
4/23 Digital Backgrounds for Portrait Photography
7/23 Generative AI Fill for commercial photography






“I’ve spent countless hours scouring through YouTube videos only to learn some of what the first few videos of this course covers. 5 stars!!”   Nicholas A.

“This has been one of the best photography courses I have taken. There is about 50 hours of content and they are all relevant.” Guy A.