Lewis Kemper’s “Light, Color and Composition: Tips to Improve Your Photographs” is comprised of over 1.5 hours of video instruction on the most important aspects of photography.

* Compose more varied and effective imageskemper_strip-292x1024[1]

* Expand your ability to “see” images

* Learn how to think about the direction and characteristics of light

* Use color just as you can use lines, shape and form enhance your compositions

* Grasp the concept of the color wheel and how to use color relationships deliberately to build vibrant images

* Give a distinctive feel to your images based on Cool tones with a Warm Accent; Warm tones with Cool Accent; Pastels, Saturated Color; Monochromatic Color, and the paradoxical No, Color, Color

* Master composition fundamentals including the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Repeated Patterns, Horizontal vs Vertical, and Horizon placement

* Simplify your images and emphasize the important elements of the composition

The presentation Includes: 5 video tutorials on processing HDR images using:

* Photomatix Pro

* Photomatix Merge to 32 bit plug-in/Lightroom

* Photoshop/Lightroom

* Bridge/Photoshop/ACR

* Nik HDR Efex 2

Lewis Kemper has been photographing the natural beauty of North America, and its parklands for over 37 years. During his extensive travels, he has been to 47 states from Alaska to Florida. His international travel has taken him to over 10 countries including, China, Tibet, India, Iceland to name a few. He served as Canon’s Explorers of Light for 10 years and now serves as an Explorer of Light Emeritus. In his role with Canon he is a sought after speaker, averaging a dozen lectures a year around the United States. His photographs are in many private collections as well as in the permanent collection and he was the photographer for, “Ancient Ancestors of the Southwest”, published by Graphic Arts Center Publishing.

His monograph, “Capturing the Light” won the People’s Choice Awards in Fine Art in the 2009 Photography.Book.Now competition. His latest publication “Photographing Yosemite Digital Field Guide” was voted in the top 20 field guides. His work has been published in numerous books including publications by The Sierra Club, The National Geographic Society, Little and Brown, APA Insight Guides, Prentice Hall, and Hyperion Books. His pictures have appeared in calendars published by Audubon, The Sierra Club, The Mono Lake Coalition, Self Realization Foundation, Golden Turtle Press, The Sierra Press, Day Dream Calendars, Avalanche Publishing, Browntrout, The Nature Conservancy, Tide-Mark Press and others.