Light, Color, and Composition

Lewis Kemper’s “Light, Color, and Composition: Tips to Improve Your Photographs” is comprised of over 1.5 hours of video instruction on the most important aspects of photography.

* Compose more varied and effective imageskemper_strip-292x1024[1]

* Expand your ability to “see” images

* Learn how to think about the direction and characteristics of light

* Use color just as you can use lines, shapes and forms to enhance your compositions

* Grasp the concept of the color wheel and how to use color relationships deliberately to build vibrant images

* Give a distinctive feel to your images based on Cool tones with a Warm Accent; Warm tones with Cool Accent; Pastels, Saturated Colors; Monochromatic Colors, and the paradoxical No, Color, Color

* Master composition fundamentals including the Rule of Thirds, Leading Lines, Repeated Patterns, Horizontal vs Vertical, and Horizon placement

* Simplify your images and emphasize the important elements of the composition

The presentation includes video tutorials on processing HDR images using:

* Photomatix Pro

* Photomatix Pro/Lightroom

* Photoshop/Lightroom

* Bridge/Photoshop/Camera Raw combination