Expand your Creativity with Time/Motion Techniques

Today’s outdoor photographer has many options for expanding their creativity beyond that of simple exposure. Using techniques such as Long Exposures, both day and night, we can now make photographs that dazzle the viewer.

By using strong neutral density filters in the day we can capture motion in still images. Familiar subjects such as water and clouds will be totally different.
Time-lapse allows us to condense time and show a view of our world that is lost to the normal observer. You will learn how to shoot time-lapse and process your time-lapse sequence. Lewis covers how to use an intervalometer and bulb timers for long exposures and for time-lapse whether it be an external device or one built into your camera.

Going beyond the static still image, you can create amazing photographs applying Time/Motion techniques to your still images
If you want to take your photography to a new level and learn some new exciting creative techniques, then this video is for you!