The Photography Tutorial eBook

The most in-depth eBook on how to capture amazing photography anywhere!

Day or Night, How to Capture the Perfect Light in Any Situation

Have you ever been frustrated that your photos don’t do justice to the scene you observed? I know I was for a long time with my own photography work. As I started out as a landscape photographer I was also attracted to photographing cityscapes at night but it took me many years of trial, error, and studying to learn the camera settings and post-processing techniques necessary to where I was proud of my results.

As editor of one of the largest photography blogs I was shocked that I couldn’t find a training course that covered all these concepts. So after many years of research and readers asking for help in these areas, I started formulating this training eBook. It is the product of over a decade of adventures and misadventures in the photography industry as a landscape photographer. Assembled to help you learn quickly and avoid the mistakes that I made along the way.

This relentlessly in-depth eBook is designed to help you master challenging lighting conditions no matter your experience level, take more compelling photos, post-process them to perfection, and delve even further into long exposure tricks so you know all the possibilities. By knowing all the techniques possible, it is my hope that you will learn a lot faster than I did and start seeing hidden photo opportunities that others might miss.