What’s in this course and where to find it

To give you an idea of what you will find and where, the following is a breakdown by chapter including FREE previews.

Lesson 01: Introduction to Landscape and Nature Photography
In this chapter, we look at why we love to photograph and nature photographers passion for outdoor photography. Also included is a guide to equipment including lenses, cameras, triggers, and more.

Lesson 02: The Fundamentals of Digital Photography
This chapter focuses on the technical aspects of outdoor photography including the exposure triangle, ISO, depth of field, and hyperfocal distance.

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Lesson 03: How to Get the Perfect Exposure
Getting a perfect exposure is not always that easy. Trusting the camera is easy but it may not deliver the ‘perfect’ exposure. In this chapter we look at methods for you to take control of your exposures guaranteeing the maximum amount of data in your image files.

Lesson 04: Lighting: A Key Ingredient to Beautiful Photography
Lighting is ABSOLUTELY critical to great photography and in this chapter, we explore the different types and qualities of light.

Lesson 05: The Art of Composition
Composition is where the Art in photography comes from. In this lecture, we explore a wide variety of visual approaches to arranging a scene for maximum visual impact.

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Lesson 06: Advanced Visual Approaches to Composition
In this chapter, we move beyond compositional foundations and start looking at Vision and other approaches to dig out compelling compositions.

Lesson 07: Introduction to Processing Your Photos in Lightroom
In this chapter, an introduction to processing your image files in Lightroom is covered. Learn how to straighten, crop, control contrast, use the graduated filter, and more are covered.

Lesson 08: Introduction to Processing Your Photos in Adobe Camera RAW
For those who prefer Photoshop, we explore techniques using Adobe Camera RAW to process your photos for stellar results.

Lesson 09: Favorite Places 
This chapter is a guide to some amazing places to photograph in the USA. We’ll show you where the location is and how photographed and processed the locations.

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