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Have you ever thought about photographing adventure selfies for stock photography? Well if not, I’m gonna give you several reasons why you should and I’ll show you why right after the jump.

We all know what a selfie is. It might be the most used technique out there today where people share where they are while smiling at the camera. If you search online for adventure selfies you will find all types of images from a skydiver jumping out of an airplane to a snowboarder shredding the slopes, and they are often smiling at the camera from an incredible point of view, but what I am talking about here is a different take on the selfie.

Like this photo right here of me standing on some rocks during a backpacking trip. I shot this very early when nobody else was up and the result was this photo that’s been published several times like this advertisement.

You’ll notice that I’m not even close to the camera nor smiling with the camera right in front of my face but instead I’ve positioned myself in a strategic spot in my composition to add that human element to the photograph. This gives scale when adding a small human against a larger landscape and it creates an image that is more appealing in the stock photo markets.

Now if you are wondering why would you wanna do that? Well, we are already out there camping and hiking and photographing the landscape, so for me, it’s about creating additional stock photos and hopefully making money. Maybe it’s the same for you if you are in the business of photography, but if not you can still photograph yourself in spectacular locations when there is nobody else to use as a model.

WATCH THE VIDEO    https://youtu.be/pkB-9itznCg

I have photographed many friends on various adventures for stock photography and then myself in locations I felt would make great photographs but nobody else around.

So how do you go about capturing an adventure selfie? The first thing you’re gonna need a spectacular scene or a location you feel very good about and they are often not hard to find if you are photographing in amazing locations.

For equipment, you’re gonna need a tripod and a camera and the appropriate lens for the scene. And then, and this is most important, you’re gonna need a device to trigger the camera to fire once you’re in position and I happen to be using the Vello Freewave and this thing works great.

See the Vello Freewave here:

Vello Freewave Nikon https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/750015-REG/Vello_RW_N2_FreeWave_Wireless_Remote_Shutter.html/BI/7592/KBID/8120

Vello Freewave Canon https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/749996-REG/Vello_RW_C2_FreeWave_Wireless_Remote_Shutter.html/BI/7592/KBID/8120

Vello Freewave Sony https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/999245-REG/vello_wireless_remote_for_new.html/BI/7592/KBID/8120


To give you an idea, after I bought it I wanted to get a sense of distance the signal would go and how far away from the camera I could go. So, I went out and set my camera up and then started walking away from taking a picture of myself as I counted the steps to get a rough idea of how far away this radio signal would work.

As you can see by these pictures I walked down my driveway which is about 100 yards and it took a picture every time pressed the button and the way I knew that it did is I had a flash on the camera and each time it fired I knew the camera had been triggered. Its an often radio trigger and If you’re interested in the Vello Freewave there is a link in the description.

As you can see, a radio trigger allows you to get much further from the camera and be the size you wanna be in your grand landscape composition. When I took this picture on that backpacking trip, all I had was the self-timer, so I would press the shutter and then I had 10 seconds to run and get myself and position, and while it worked, I could not get that far away from the camera. With a radio trigger, you can go much further.

Now as for as other gear, that’s pretty much all you need other than the usual things like extra batteries and other items you normally carry. So now I’m gonna go ahead and pack up my camera bag and head to a location up in the mountains where I was hiking recently and to a spot I found that I thought would be a great location for a landscape photograph and an adventure selfie. I will be heading up this afternoon and plan to photograph landscapes and selfies as the sun is setting on the mountains. So stick with me as we head out to photograph.

Watch the video for the rest of this story…..

WATCH THE VIDEO    https://youtu.be/pkB-9itznCg

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