We have covered in this course the fundamentals of lighting for a wide range of subjects.   You can have a great photo idea, a great composition, a great concept, but for the photo to succeed you have to have great lighting. No matter how long you are a photographer, you will never know everything about lighting. It evolves and changes. No sunrise is ever the same! For you to succeed in photography you have to master lighting and you do this by experimenting and continually looking around at how others use light.

After 30 years of doing photography, I still spend a lot of time looking through magazines and books to understand how others see lighting. It is a constantly evolving process and as you learn lighting you will be able to start visualizing how you want the lighting in your photo to look.

One of the keys for being successful in Portrait photography is to continue to explore, invent, and create new ideas. This goes for anything in photography. So experiment and challenge yourself! If Charlie said “put the light here”, try that and then move it elsewhere. Create your own look and style and this will lead to greater success in portrait photography.

If you would like to learn more about studio portraiture, take our class: Lighting Techniques of the Portrait Masters. In this course you will learn knockout backgrounds, posing, glamour lighting, and much more.


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