The Octa Dome

One of my favorite lighting approaches for soft beauty lighting is using the Octa Dome. This is a great light for large groups but also fabulous for beauty lighting when used as a frontal light source. This picture shows what it looks like and this example here is the 7’ version. That’s a huge light!

I use a similar setup to the approach mentioned above where the Octa Dome is about 5’ above the floor and I am standing right in front of it with the camera. I used a silver reflector under the chin bouncing light into the shadows under her chin and nose. The background is lit with two raw lights to knock it out.


These three images show this technique as used on Chelsea. A very nice soft light quality with minimal shadows.

In these three examples below you can see some subtle differences. In the image on the left of Elise, the Octa Dome is the lights source with the silver reflector. In the middle, the full length image, the Octa Dome is the only light source because we can’t get a reflector under her. On the right is Courtney and here we are using a large 60” umbrella over the camera with a white reflector underneath.

Under her chin is darker than the images of Elise or Chelsea above because of the smaller lights source and because the light is above the camera than more behind the camera with the Octa Dome. With the Octa Dome you basically are sending light straight at the face while using the Above technique sends light more down.