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Lesson 5: Page 1

ADVANCED PORTRAIT TECHNIQUES I had an assignment from a client who wanted to shoot an ad that used the size comparison of two heads with hard hats to illustrate the point. The client brought two employees of the company to model and several different sized hard hats.

Lesson 5: Page 2

Now here is the tricky part! Look at the hammer in this next image. Notice how bright the head of the hammer is? Now look at the shadow side of his face. Two very different brightness levels! How do you light a hammer so brightly and not have that light affect The shadow side of […]

Lesson 5: Page 3

To get the perspective as shown in the layout, a 250mm lens was required. I explained this to the client that even at f/22 set on my lens, I would not get all 5 people sharp with a 250mm lens. The second problem is each person’s individual height. The layout the client sent me, showed […]

Lesson 5: Page 4

Over and Under Here are two approaches to glamour style lighting.  The portrait on left was shot using two light boxes; a large box right above camera and a small box right under camera at -1/2 stop. I also used a small light box on a boom above and slightly behind her head to create […]

Lesson 5: Page 5

The Octa Dome One of my favorite lighting approaches for soft beauty lighting is using the Octa Dome. This is a great light for large groups but also fabulous for beauty lighting when used as a frontal light source. This picture shows what it looks like and this example here is the 7’ version. That’s […]

Lesson 5: Page 6

LOW KEY Low key is just the opposite of high key; the tones are all darker, made up of medium to dark grey values and some black. This light can be higher in contrast or also low in contrast using darker tones. Here is an example of a low key portrait that I shot for […]

Lesson 5: Page 7

SET THE MOOD WITH LIGHTING This next photo, also taken on assignment, was for an Orthopedic Clinic and the concept was arthritis in the hands. The client brought in a chair and this model. I hung my grey painted canvas background behind.

Lesson 5: Page 8

TWO KEY LIGHTS This is a fun and interesting technique used throughout the portrait and fashion world and it is comprised of two key lights right next to each other. When you place a light next to your subject it has a natural amount of falloff, but sometimes it is not enough. Or maybe you […]

Lesson 5: Page 9

I was teaching a portrait workshop and the photography center holding the event had arranged for the model to use for lighting demos. When I saw her my jaw  dropped but before you get any ideas, let me explain. As a portrait photographer, when you meet people throughout life and find beauty in them, no […]

Lesson 5: Page 10


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