Self Assignment

1) Photograph someone who is backlit by the sun and you have filled them with flash so they won’t be silhouetted.

2) Create a nice still life setup such as a bouquet of flowers on the counter with a window showing or on a table, a fruit display’ or food and use bounce flash, and diffused flash with a flash diffuser, either commercial diffuser or homemade. Use ambient window light if available and the flash as a fill. We’ll compare the best lighting for your subject.

3) Try stopping or freezing something in midair, like a drop of water bouncing up in a bowl of liquid or a ball being dropped from a hand. Maybe bubbles in a clear glass, like 7UP or? Background here should be dark for this to work. This could be challenging!

4) Photograph a series of flash key and bracket your shutter speed. With     camera on Manual Mode, the first image will be the cameras chosen S.S. for correct exposure and flash, then the second S.S. is -1 and third image is -2. (Example: camera says 1/60th, so 2nd and 3rd images are 1/125th and 1/250th with f/stop staying the same) Be creative here!The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.