Next you want to choose between digital and film and this will depend on what you are using. You do that by first pressing the menu button (1)and spinning the jog wheel (2) until you see the display showing DG/film (3).



highlights and shadows inside the room. This light outside will be raised as high as you can to simulate the angle of the sun and will be fired by a radio remote slave triggered from the camera. If it is getting later in the day, you can add a CTO warming gel to the light to make it appear more like the warm light of a setting sun.

This photograph was taken for a cabinet shop and was an ambient strobe combination. Here we allowed the windows to really blow out as there was a very distracting old oak tree right out the window. I placed a strobe outside with a radio slave and………



This next example was shooting a brochure for a resort development and it included not only interiors, but people, exteriors, and recreational shots.  Fortunately it was an overcast day and we were able to maintain very good detail. I placed at about 10:00 a light with a silver/white umbrella for moderate contrast and pointed it at the couch. A second light was next to the camera as fill light also bounced out of a white umbrella. We were lucky with the ambient light and large window and door as this added lots of nice window light coming in without blowing out the windows. Even the lamps maintained detail.

This image required a lot of lights. Here we were shooting a room with little window light to help us and the ceiling fixture totally blowing out when used to light the room.


THE HOTELNext to light #3 we placed another light with a small umbrella and pointed it at the table in the foreground to put highlights on the table. At position #5, is another large white umbrella and it is pointed straight into the room as well. Now notice numbers………….



………with no reflections will be to dark to match the rest of the pool when I composite, so it needs light. There were these two lights seen here and one at 4:00 all pointed at the water.

Now was time to reflect back on what we shot and make sure I knew I had all the elements. There was a base image with proper room exposure, a darker one for the lights……..

Using the lens correction tool, I adjusted and this is the final image.



knoll_5794beforeknoll_5794N LO

Before and after