In this 1-hour video tutorial, well-known nature photographer, Lewis Kemper, will teach you all you need to know to make beautiful realistic looking HDR images.

Since the beginning of photography, photographers have been fighting the problem of contrast. There has never been a means to capture the full tonal range of certain lighting situations with a single exposure.

HDR is the technique of creating multiple exposures that captures the different ranges of light from deep shadow information to bright highlight information and blends them together to create full tonal range images.

This video course covers all aspects of HDR photography from capture to processing with lessons on how to shoot, how to set up your camera, how to process the image using the built-in HDR Merge in Adobe Lightroom, using the Merge to 32 bit plugin from for Lightroom, and using Adobe’s Bridge/Photoshop/ACR combination.

You will also learn how to create magnificent HDR panoramas and see many examples of HDR images.