A Guide to Lighting Outdoor and Adventure Subjects

The flash unit is a very sophisticated device, yet very valuable to the outdoor photographer. Sometimes nature just does not provide the best light and using flash can improve it.

Whether you need flash in combination with the natural light or need to create light where there isn’t any, this book covers it all.

The Nikon SB900 and Canon 580EXII are covered in great detail from the LCD to the buttons so you will understand what they all mean.

You will learn how to apply flash for specific results in both intensity and quality.  But even more valuable is how to create light that tells stories. Something that is important to outdoor and adventure photographers.

If you have a flash to accompany your DSLR and overwhelmed by all the options, this eBook will set you on the right path.

1-      The perfect guide to understanding of all the features and function of a flash

2-      Learn what good light looks like

3-      Learn how to create the light you really want

4-      Designed for all photographers with an emphasis on outdoor and adventure

5-      Techniques on using light to tell stories

6-      Over 100 pages, 25,000+ words and 150+ photos

Price: $6.99