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Lesson 1: Page 04

  Value – Subjects that are pure white typically attract our eye and stand out in our composition. Subjects that are dark typically recede into our frame. We can use lights and darks to guide our viewer and we can actually go in the opposite direction making our subjects dark in a light field or […]

Lesson 1: Page 03

Shape – Shapes are components that are commonly made up of lines. They are forms. They have a three dimensionality that we can use to engage the viewer in a typical two dimensional scene. We can place shapes in order, random, or in a combination that guides our viewer as well.  

Lesson 1: Page 02

Line – It is the easiest one of our elements of design to find. Lines exist everywhere. They line the roads we drive every day and they form the forests that we find peace and tranquility during our daily lives. In fact, there isn’t much that we don’t interact with on our daily routines that […]

Lesson 1: Page 01

  Nature photography is the ultimate experience for those wanting to witness the very basics of how our planet works on a primal level, separated from the daily struggles of everyday life. What most of us don’t realize when we get out there in the wilds to create photographs is that a simple snapshot of […]

Lesson 2: Page 04

Rhythm – For rhythm we are looking for repetitive elements in our frame and we want to try and organize those elements in such a way that our viewer jumps from one to the other to the next without leaving our photograph. Again we have options here as well.   –  regular repetition – a […]

Lesson 2: Page 03

Balance – There are multiple ways in which we can achieve balance in our compositions to allow our subject to stand out.  

Lesson 2: Page 02

Now there is one other way we can create motion in a photograph and it is something that we can’t see with our naked eyes. We can actually capture time. Star trails are something that we can’t see normally, but by shooting a long exposure in the time frame of minutes, we can actually witness […]

Lesson 2: Page 01

Now that you have begun to discover how the elements of design can lead you to finding subjects. We need to learn about a set of guidelines that can have us arranging those elements in a manner that makes sense. The principles of design can give our viewer the connection needed to linger a bit […]

Lesson 3: Page 02

Lesson 3: Page 01


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