As a commercial photographer, you will strive to produce images for a variety of clients and markets. One aspect of shooting marketable stock images is to make sure some of your images have room allotted for the placement of text. You will not get a magazine cover if there is no room for the magazine header and sidebars. There is a difference between a beautiful calendar image and a beautiful scenic conceptual stock photo. The calendar image uses the entire composition to arrange the elements that make for a strong photograph. The conceptual image is also beautiful, but often has a simpler composition that allows for text placement. The stock photo can also be a calendar image, but usually not the other way around. If you are shooting with an art director, they will guide you in making sure that you have room for text allotted in the image. These could be used as covers of annual reports of brochures and well as ads for magazines.The content you are trying to access is only available to members. Sorry.