Online training is hot! It’s projected to be a $1.5 billion market in the next several years. Despite FREE info everywhere, there is a huge demand for high quality training tutorials both with and without instructor. Are you a talented photographer or established professional with the desire to share or teach your vision and techniques to students wanting to learn? Online education is exploding in a world hungry to learn and with photography more popular than ever, the opportunity to monetize your expertise has never been better.

Many photographers are doing eBooks and while these can be lucrative, they are static! They can be passed around, have a low perceived value, cannot be updated once sold, AND are not interactive. While they can be profitable, they are not the solution for every buyer. If you are doing eBooks, a companion eCourse means more money for a little more work.

At Great Photography Courses we have developed the platform for you to monetize your experience by creating an eCourse and sharing it on GPC’s online site. You can choose your subject, create a course, include as much content in the course as you want, and then promote to your followers and the community. Our platform will allow you to publish your course, set your pricing, update at any time, communicate regularly with your students, run sales and offer coupons, and keep 60% of the revenue your course’s brings in.

If you have a great idea for a course on GCP, just send us an email to along with the title of your course, a short summary of the content you will include, tell us a little about yourself, and a link to your website.

We’ll then get back to you.