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Charlie Borland Photographs an Opal Mine

    I had a really fun photo assignment last month, photographing at the Royal Peacock Opal Mine in Nevada. This mine is a U-Dig operation where anybody can visit, buy a pass to dig in the mine, and hopefully uncover some amazing Opals. These types of assignments are always fun, not only for what […]

What’s your opinion of these two photos?

I have a question for you: Of the two photos in this photo collage, which do you think looks better?

If you said the right one I would agree with you and in fact, that is the photo I worked harder on so it would look better.

Now, can you tell how I did that? Well, it is not processing it is instead lighting.

Real Estate Photography: How to Retouch a Bounce Flash Hot Spot

FREE VIDEO: Real estate photographers often have to work fast to stay profitable and one technique for lighting residential interiors is to bounce flash off the ceiling. This approach to brightening a room often works quite well but if the room has too much depth it may require the flash to be inside the room for the bounce, and that means you see the photographer and you have a ceiling hot spot. This video shows you how to retouch that hot spot.

Featured Article: The Journey Back to Creativity

If you would have told me 4 years ago when I was living in Park City, Utah, that I’d be creating HDR images, living in Scottsdale, Arizona, and loving my DSLR, I would have told you that you were crazy. For over 15 years, I was a bona fide film junkie of the Fuji kind and, when the world started going digital, I dug my heels in and fought it to the point where I eventually hung up my camera for good—or so I thought.

It all started with a beautiful old red truck that I photographed years ago on a road trip to S. Utah. Although I had all but given up photography as things went digital, I was out getting to know my new DSLR, that I reluctantly purchased, when I saw this beauty on the side of the road. I actually passed it by on my way to shoot something else, but the truck stuck in my mind so I doubled back and shot some photos. I had really never been attracted to shooting old trucks, or any old vehicles, for that matter. As a professional since ‘89, I had mostly focused my attention and my lens on my stock photography specialties, which were adventure sports, outdoor recreation and health & fitness until I hung my camera up in 2003.

Instructor Guidelines

We are pleased you wish to create a course at Great Photography Courses. Our mission is to sell eCourses, which we describe as eBooks with videos, or a courses that consist entirely of all video. Many photographers might be missing some markets by just offering eBooks.

Having taught online for 10 years, I have heard many times from students who tell me they learn better in courses that include text with video to emphasize points. I personally began adding videos years ago to my courses and it was very effective. The amount of testimonials students sent when evaluating my courses jumped dramatically.

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